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Over the next five years, we’ll make the kind of changes that will really make a difference to people living in Solihull:

  • We will support you and your family so that you are better able to look after yourselves
  • We will work with you to make sure you’re getting the right care and support
  • We will provide you with care where it’s best for you
  • We will reduce the number of people who end up in hospital unnecessarily, or find themselves in a home for long-term care.

Solihull’s Vision and Ambition

We've created an interactive presentation that highlights what we've achieved and the improvements we will make under Solihull Together.

Our vision is that in five years’ time you’ll be able to say that you can plan your own care, with people who work together from both health and social care services to understand you and your carer(s), to achieve the outcomes important to you.

The four main things we want to achieve over the next five years are:

  • Getting a better end result for everyone who uses healthcare services
  • Making sure people feel happier about what happens when they use these services
  • Improving the way we look after people to give them a better quality service
  • Getting better value for the money we spend on services.

It’s really important to everyone involved in Solihull Together for better lives that people in Solihull are able to live a healthier life in a thriving borough that supports them. To help do this, we’re focusing on three things:

  • Helping the local economy to grow in a way that provides long-term stability and quality jobs
  • Making communities stronger
  • Improving people’s health and wellbeing.

These all work together – when people are better off, they’re healthier and have a greater sense of wellbeing, as they do if they feel part of a strong and connected local community. So, as well as bringing together health and care services, we’ll make sure people can get the information and advice they need, and we’ll support a healthy and connected community that helps reduce the loneliness people sometimes feel.

In five years’ time we want to be able to say to you, ‘we listened, we heard, and we delivered’. 

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