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We’re a partnership of local health and social care organisations that have joined together under the banner Solihull Together for better lives.

Solihull’s Vision and Ambition – watch it here!

The partners are:

  • NHS Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
  • Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
  • Solihull primary care providers
  • Solihull voluntary and community sector
  • Lay members representing people using services, their carers and the wider Solihull community
  • and YOU


Solihull Together for better lives means improving lives of people from the borough through joined up care between health and social care services.

Being ill or needing care can be frustrating and difficult – especially when it comes to getting the help and support you need. In Solihull, we want to change all that. Our aim is to make sure that all people who live in the borough of Solihull get the right care and support, in the right way, when they need it, and in the place that’s best for them. We aim to do this through ‘integrated care.’ Put simply, this means joining together health and social care services so that you can’t tell when one ends and the other starts. This will lead to a good quality of life for all Solihull’s residents.

Another of our aims is to ensure that people are only in hospital when they need to be. No one should have to go into hospital unnecessarily, and they should be able to leave as soon as they’re well enough.  This should include being able to get the longer-term care that they require in a place where they’ll be more comfortable, and where they can get the right kind of help and support for them. Above all, we want to involve you much more in the way we design and deliver your services – after all, they’re your services, not ours.

This is a chance for everyone in Solihull to take more control of their own care, helping to make sure the answers we end up with are the right ones.

Our Partners

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