Key points 30 November 2017

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  • • Solihull’s figures for delayed transfer of care from hospital, (DTOC) continue to show a significant improvement. The Board recognised the success of the system, through the SupportUHome project, in achieving the national DTOC target and in particular the role of frontline staff at HEFT and Solihull Council. This is a huge achievement, particularly as many parts of the country are seeing big increases in DTOC.
    • There is a continued focus on Solihull as a place and the benefits of an integrated approach to delivering health and care services. Birmingham and Solihull STP and the combined Birmingham and Solihull CCGs are both focussed on delivery within a locality wherever possible. Through the Solihull Together programme we are a step ahead. Our integrated approach has also resulted in approval of the Better Care Fund (BCF) plan. In the new year, the Board will be further exploring the options to move towards an accountable care partnership.
    • The Board agreed the need for Solihull to be a learning 'system' which means we review both success and failures to learn the lessons and incorporate these in our approaches for the future.
    • Launch of Solihull Together 2018 Awards celebrating outstanding care and support for vulnerable and frail adults. For more information and to enter online visit
    • Viv Tsesmelis stepped down as HEFT/UHB representative. The Board thanked Viv for her valued contribution and wished her a happy retirement.
    • The Board welcomed the following new members:
    - Vicky Marshment, Project Director, Partnerships - UHB
    - Charlotte Bailey, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships - BSMHFT
    - Kathryn Hudson, BSol STP Programme Director

Key points 12 October 2017

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  • Solihull has submitted its Better Care Fund (BCF) Plan to NHS England and we are waiting to hear the outcome of the assurance process.
  • The Board has given the go ahead for the Solihull Together 2018 Awards that will celebrate outstanding efforts by local individuals and teams to improve the lives of adults in Solihull.
  • Recommendations were made to the CCG on the future of the Care Navigator Service.
  • Solihull’s figures for delayed transfer of care from hospital, (DTOC), are showing a significant improvement. These improvements are being driven by SupportUHome, one of Solihull Together’s key projects. Find out more about SupportUHome by reading this interview with the project leads.
  • As part of the Integrated Decision Hub project we have started a 3 month pilot with 3 GP practices in Solihull, testing out a new way of supporting frail older adults in crisis and at risk of admission to hospital. Instead of referring these patients to Solihull’s Acute Medical Unit (AMU), the GPs are referring them to the new Frailty Advice and Support Team (FAST) for a rapid assessment. The Frailty Advice and Support Team is based at the Medical Day Hospital in Solihull Hospital and is a consultant geriatrician led multidisciplinary team.

Key points 7 September 2017

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  • The commitment of Solihull Together partners to continue working together is strong, accepting the challenges of continued change, improvement and service delivery in all our organisations.
  • We are resetting our approach. Over the next 6 months we will keep the momentum going to deliver our current programme but also want to look at our future development. We are beginning to consider models of public service reform and subsequent delivery mechanisms. We will work through the Health and Wellbeing Board and across our partnership.
  • Robust evaluation is part of the challenge for current and future programmes. We must be clear about the impact of every project and we will not accept projects without clear evaluation plans.
  • We will be confident about stopping projects if they are not having the required impact. We will explain our decisions and share the learning to benefit other projects and programmes.

Solihull Together Programme Board meetings

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The Solihull Together Programme Board brings together leaders from our health and care system so that we can have shared conversations, make collective decisions about the development and delivery of services and understand the impact of decisions on our local system and ultimately, on the citizens of Solihull. The Board also monitors progress of the Solihull Together delivery plan.

Board members have agreed that it is important to share the key points discussed and agreed at Solihull Together board meetings. Click on the dates below to read the key points from each meeting. 

If you would like to contact the Board about any of these points, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7 September 2017

12 October 2017

30 November 2017

4 January 2018 - meeting cancelled

15 February 2018 - key points to be added after board meeting

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